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Inside Books Project raises money during Amplify Austin 2015!

Inside Books Project is thrilled to be a non-profit participating in Amplify Austin 2015.

Amplify Austin is a one day fundraising drive to raise money for Central Texas non-profits. Starting March 5th at 6pm and going to March 6th at 6pm, non-profits will raise money through Amplify Austin's system.

How can that much be raised in a short period of time? The answer is you! Help spread the word about Inside Books Project raising money through Amplify Austin.

Answers to common questions:

Q : When is Amplify Austin?
A : March 5th at 6pm through March 6th at 6pm - 24 hours only.

Q: Does Inside Books Project get the money that people give during Amplify Austin, or is donated money shared among all the participating non-profits?
A: Inside Books Project will directly receive money donated by donors and raised by fundraisers.

Q : What will the money raised directly go to benefit?
A : Head to Inside Books Project's donation page with Amplify Austin and look under Statements then look to the Needs Statement to see what we’re raising money for.

Q: How can I give to Inside Books Project for Amplify Austin?
A : You can schedule a donation ahead of time, between now and March 5th at 6pm. Then, starting March 5th at 6pm and going to March 6th at 6pm, you can make a donation to  Inside Books Project through Amplify Austin.

Here's a direct link to IBP's fundraising page on Amplify Austin:

Q: How else can I help?
A: Spread the word? Tell others about Inside Books Project and suggest they donate during Amplify Austin. There will be a LOT of media coverage in Central Austin. Suggest to your friends, family and co-workers that they donate to Inside Books Project during Amplify Austin.

Any more questions? Let us know and we'll answer!