Beginning in January 2019, volunteer sessions will be held at 3106 East 14 1/2 Street in Austin, Texas at the following times:

  • Every Sunday from 5pm to 9pm 

  • Every Thursday from 7pm to 11pm 

  • Every second Monday of the month from 10am to 2pm.

To attend a volunteer session, you must email us in advance to ensure we will have enough space to accommodate you. We ask groups larger than 3 people to commit to staying at least 3 hours. Our schedule tends to fill up quickly during the school semester, so please email us to schedule your volunteer time well in advance.

**The first time you volunteer,  you must arrive at the beginning of the session for orientation.

Volunteering with Inside Books Project can count towards most community service requirements. Please bring your own forms each time.

Volunteers open letters from inmates, select books to best fit the request, and make packages of books to send back to each inmate.


The books selected by the volunteers become the personal property of each inmate. Reading the letters and creating the package to send back is intimate and rewarding work that helps foster literacy, education, and a sense of connection with the outside world in the prisoners you help.


Volunteer nights are fun, relaxed, and a great way to meet interesting people and make a real difference!

The volunteer experience at IBP is one-of-a-kind. With a laid back but passionate staff, a welcoming environment, and a sense of shared purpose, volunteers at IBP are sure to leave knowing they made a difference in the daily life of Texas’ least looked-after population. The work that you guys do is important on so many levels! Books change lives; even those who no longer have freedom can choose to create their own through knowledge made available by IBP.
— Traci K.
I volunteer because it’s fun, it’s a way to help people most in need and you can find some good books to buy and help more books get sent! There’s always an interesting conversation about the books donated or interesting requests, and everyone that comes is super friendly. Every once and a while you get a really tear jerking letter - I heard of a man who hadn’t been touched non-violently in 15 years and was so thankful. It’s good to know that IBP is there for this man to help ease his suffering when the rest of society wants to forget him.
— Matt E.