Below are the most up-to-date versions of various documents used by the Inside Books Project. If something isn't up-to-date or you need something else, email Alex.

Receipt in English - Updated August 2017

- Receipt in Spanish - Updated July 2018

Resource Guide - print version for printing the booklet double sided - Updated February 2015

Resource Guide - single sided for web download - Updated February 2015

- Trifold Brochure - updated November 2013

Friends and Family brochure - Updated June 2013

- Friends and Family Book Intake Log - Updated October 2013 

- Mailing List Signup Form -  Updated October 2013

15th Anniversary IBP Survey - Updated December 2013

If you need to send someone a receipt for a donation - either cash or in-kind donations - please email Alex. We need to document these receipts and keep them together.